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What problem should be pay attention in foreign trade business ?
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  Before quoting, the Salesman should know the basic information about the clients, for instance, the end users or not, the annual order quantity, the places of consuming, and the products the purposes, specification, quality and the abilities whether our factories to meet.

  Generally as a rule, to reply the clients’ mails shall be within 24 hours after receiving; and please explain the reasons to the clients due to the things particular and need more time to deal with.


  Quotations will be according to the prices list (for oversea market) made by the company Accounting Department, which will make prices adjustments according to the market and the production cost at regular periods.

  For big orders, the acceptable price from the clients is lower than our listed price, the salesman shall first report this to the manager of the departments for approval; and when the manager have no rights to approve, the price will directly go to the general manager for approval.

In C&F or CIF price terms, the salesman shall contact and deal with related companies in advance to confirm the things of shipment, insurance, commodity inspection etc. The basic conditions for selecting the related companies will be considering rich and professional practices, service with high efficiency and good prices.


  Per the clients’ requirements of sending samples, freight collect shall be generally required; and when the samples quantity is large, the cost shall be charged accordingly. However the cost and freight paid by the clients will be deducted in the trial orders. In cases particular, for instance the clients with long term and firm relations, we can pay the freight in advance with the samples free after approved by the manager of the departments,or by the general manager if the amount is large.


  The salesman shall coordinate closely with the production departments in the samples making process to guarantee the quality and specifications meeting the clients’ requirements, and send the samples after the approval by the final checking up of manager department.


  Our beneficiary bank and the salesman will check up the L/C in form and contents respectively, and inform the clients to make change in time if differences existing, and submit to the manager of the departments for re-checking after no faults or differences found in advance..


  As a general rule, the company will arrange the material and plan for production after receiving the payments in above No.8 terms.

  In the production processing, the salesman shall be at the workshop to supervise and inspect the production with the person in charge, to find and solve the problems in time, or to report the problems to the manager of the department for coordinating to solve, or to report to the general manager for solving, to guarantee the specification, the quality, the packing and production time according to the requirements of the clients.

  In C&F and CIF price terms, the salesman shall arrange and confirm the shipments with the related agents a week in advance, and to load the goods to the container and transport the goods two days in advance.


  The salesman will prepare the concerned documents for the Customs declaration, Specified goods’ inspection and Insurance by related departments if needed; the salesman can make coordination in the process.

  In the cases of L/C payments, the salesman need to deal with carefully and cautiously to sure the consistency of the documents and the L/C and to receive the funds safely.


  The salesman shall do the classification and collation of the business documents, and submit the related to the accounting department for the purposes of foreign exchange settlement in the concerned administration departments timely. And to keep the service work aiming to establish long-term reliable cooperation partnership.

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