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Practice Areas
With the rapid development of the international trade in China, many trade disputes occur. Focusing on protecting customers' interest, Jia Qingkun lawyer gives full play to its professional advantages to solve the disputes in the international trades and provide high quality services for the domestic and foreign companies.
Legal services on the international trade include:
• To solve the contract disputes of imports and exports trade;
• To solve the disputes of LC、B/L、sea transportation and insurance;
• To participate in the foreign trade contract negotiation;
• To assist clients in credibility investigation;
• To draft、check and amend the international trade contracts and other documents;
• To participate in trade negotiation;
• To provide specified services of The Customs、The Commodity Inspection Authorities and The Bonde Darea;
• To provide opportunities for clients to give an impulse to trade;
• To assist clients in import and export businesses according to Chinese laws and international practices.
• Anti-Fraud.
• Anti-dumping Investigation: to provide global professional services of Anti-dumping, including the original investigation、offering Legal Opinions and agency on tax and rebate, review investigation, judicial review, providing perennial early cautions and legal opinions for enterprises.
• Anti-subsidy Investigation: to provide global professional services for the government and enterprises to participate in Anti-subsidy Investigation, including preparing and submitting questionnaires, avoiding for damage, preparing and participating in field verification and fully hearing and lobbying in import state.
• Trade Barrier Investigation: some countries set up kinds of barriers by various ways to limit import and foreign investigations. Trade barrier is one of the major reasons for restricting exports. Trade Barrier Investigation can help to improve export environment and maintain interests for domestic enterprises.
Legal services of the international arbitration include:
• On behalf of clients to do domestic and international commercial arbitration and mediation \reconciliation;
• To accept the commission to investigate and collect evidences, send lawyers letters, release statements and provide legal suggestions;
• On behalf of clients to apply the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.
Legal services on the maritime trade
Legal services on the maritime trade,which include lawsuit, arbitration and accusing the legal services are provided to the domestic and foreign owner, the operator, agent, charterer, insurance companies, consignor, freight forwarders, port operator, logistics companies,etc. They include:
• The contracts of carriage of Goods by sea、Bills of Loading、Sea Waybills;
• Arrest Ship、Goods to withhold 、Maritime Security;
• Agency Agreement、Ships Agency、Traffic Agency;
• Logistics Business、Multimodal Transport;
• Salvage Contract;
• Colliding、Touching、Stranding;
• Oil Stain、Environmental Damage.
Legal services on the International investment include:
International investment law department provides various legal services for enterprises to enter international market and to avoid possible risk as well as to realize their investment objectives.
Holding the working idea of specialization and internationalization, through profound study in the international trade law systems of china and other main trading- partners state, International investment law department helps enterprises to know well the domestic and foreign countries 'law system', to choose the appropriate investment way and market strategy in order to maximize limit to protect their investment legal rights.
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