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Summary procedure of arbitration case
Sources of information:未知Release time:2017-02-27 11:22 Reading times:I would like to comment
XX transportation company of the applicant and the respondent YY shipping company "Su Yu" round of Charter contracts, by the respondent to the applicant rent"Su Yu" round, engaged in container shipping along China's coast. Applicant filed for arbitration on July 16, 2013 pursuant to the arbitration clause in the contract, request the arbitral award the respondent caused damages for breach of tenancy tothe applicant in advance rent and fuel loss 50387 dollars. For the applicant's claim,the respondent's replies at the same time, provided the applicant with its counterclaim, request a ruling to the applicant because it provided the ship does not comply with the contract specification for economic losses caused to the respondent by54,776. $50. After the Arbitration Committee accepts this case, in accordance with the arbitration rules of, as originally requested in the present case the amount in dispute does not exceed RMB 500,000, decided the case of summary proceedings.After it has been put forward by the applicant against the request, the ArbitrationCommittee has decided to continue to apply in the present case summary, the Arbitration Court for the original claim and counterclaim joinder. On August 11, 2013, the Arbitration Commission in accordance with the arbitration rules specify 1 appointment of a sole arbitrator of the arbitral proceedings in this case, after a trial arbitral tribunal on September 21, October 15, made a decision in the present case. From this case in the can see: due to this case of original requests dispute amount for 50387 dollars, collection Yuan not to 500,000 yuan, can said is standard of smaller, case also compared simple, so Arbitration Committee according to arbitration rules provides, applies simple program trial this case, by 1 name alone any arbitration member composition Arbitration Chamber, on was applicants proposed of anti-requests merged trial, in court zhihou 30th within made has ruling. In this case only took 3 months from filing to closing time from 1 arbitrator, just opened a Chamber, greatly improving the speed of handling, saving time and cost, played an easy, fast and economic characteristics of arbitration.
In the case above, the Arbitration Committee case is the subject of a smaller, simpler applicable to maritime cases on the merits of a simple and efficient procedure.2001 article 68th of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission arbitration rules stipulated in applicable condition of summary procedure: unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the amount in dispute does not exceed RMB 500,000 (including 500,000 yuan, but not including interest), for simple procedures.
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