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Jia Qingkun lawyers summed up against &qu
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"Hacker fraud" refers to the foreign trade enterprise email was hacked, cheated foreign customers payments paid to accounts specified by hackers. Recently, international trade lawChief lawyer Jia Qingkun entertained more than more than 10 cases concerning "hacker fraud" cases, related to foreign trade companies suffered serious losses.
Upgrade technology and complexity of current hacker fraud, sometimes rely on the Clerk's careful and prudent has been unable to prevent and control a range of fraud prevention measures need to be taken. In view of this situation, Jia Qingkun lawyers summarized the hacker used methods, preventive measures and save the losses, for the information of foreign trade enterprises.


First, "hacker fraud" means constant upgrading
Primary means: hackers intercepting e-mail messages that contain the payment technology, email passwords or steal foreign trade enterprises, by viewing the message content from foreign clients in fraud, then register one mailbox name like "Li GUI the mailbox", send an email to customer requirements will be billed to his personal account, then removed. This means easier to be seen through, and once found, you can obtain relevant Bank locked video suspects belong to the hacker's primary means of fraud.
Upgrade means: hacker through technology means steal foreign trade enterprise electronic mailbox password, into mailbox zhihou except through a time of track voyeur, understand the business chat progress, once until abroad customer need payment Shi, hacker immediately change foreign trade enterprise electronic mailbox of related set, makes the abroad customer sent to mail was automatically forward to hacker mailbox, hacker is still using foreign trade enterprise original mailbox sent mail notification abroad customer change bank information, to reached cheat payment of purpose. This way, exchanged email addresses, business negotiations,business progress is hard to find flaws, foreign customers are more likely to be deceived, this upgrade means belonging to the hackers scam.
Complex means: in addition to the technical upgrades, current Hacker trick becomes more and more complicated and the gang. For example: hacker requirements abroad customer will payment pay to outside away from bank company account; even some outside hacker in fraud of while, also arrangements outside associates and China other enterprise for normal business chat; then hacker through also way, will its cheat of abroad remittance paid domestic other enterprise, and from the enterprise normal set goods, such, its associates on can not spent himself a points money and get domestic supply, to reached cheat money of purpose. It not only has great deceptive, and as a result involving offshore criminality, bona fide third party, such as a series of criminal and civil law issues, brought great difficulties to solve the case and recover the money.


Second, the technical and business aspects of enhanced prevention
Although hackers increasingly sophisticated trick, but as long as the foreign tradeenterprises to take appropriate preventive measures, is entirely preventable and avoid this kind of loss. Preventive measures include the following two aspects:
Technology prevention: from technology Shang prevention hacker attack of note matters main including: don't easily open not familiar of mail of annex, prevent was fishing mail take advantage of, and steal password; often through antivirus software Avira various Trojans program; in mailbox service website Shang registered of personal mailbox to regularly replaced password, often check mailbox in the of about set, especially forward, and filter, and automatically delete, rules, if mailbox service website allows, also can through electronic signature, and digital certificate, way to take encryption measures If using email, a better email server is to adopt security, and secondby binding cell phones, binding exception log monitor IP or anyother means.
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