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General suretyship or a joint and several guarantee what's t
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General guarantee is a contract agreed by the parties, the debtor cannot fulfill the debt, guaranteed by the guarantor the guarantee liability; joint and several liability is stipulated in the contract the parties surety and guarantee to bear joint and several liability for the debts of the debtor.This difference are:First, the specific practice of assuming responsibility. Only when the primary obligor fails to guarantee the guarantor, has obligations, namely the supplementary; suretyship in the surety and the principal debtor as joint and several liability, and creditors during the warranty coverage period, either to the debtor of the claim or claims to the guarantor, whether creditors, who, the debtor and the guarantor has the right to refuse.Second, the suretyship of the guarantor and the principal debtor's rights and obligations and accountability of law applicable to joint and several liability provisions and ensure there is no joint and several liability between the guarantor and the principal debtor in question, just to ensure fulfilment of obligations to creditors, the guarantor against the principal debtor has the right to claim.Third, the General guarantee of right to plea for sponsorship, and joint and several liability of the debtor did not plea for the right to not to creditors if the principal debtor as of publication fulfilling warranty obligations of the defence.Finally, joint and several liability is stipulated by law or agreed upon by the parties, no rules or conventions that, according to the joint and several liability guarantee and general guarantee is only prescribed by the parties.Finally, a suretyship guarantees strong, beneficial to creditors and the sponsor of the relatively heavy burden and security strength is relatively weak in General, the burden of guarantor is relatively light.

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