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Jia Qingkun lawyers resolve trading terminology
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Case one:
A company exporting cables according to EXW conditions, but at the time of delivery, buyer the cable packaging not suitable for export shipments from refused to take delivery and payment, ask: buyer behavior reasonable?
Jia Qingkun lawyers resolve:
1, the buyer's behavior was unreasonable, we should reject.
2, and this case involved EXW conditions Xia delivery of problem, according to 2000 international trade terms explained General of provides: in EXW terms in the, unless contract in the has instead provides, seller General no obligations provides export packaging, if signed Shi has clear the goods is for export of, and on packaging of requirements made has provides, seller is should by provides provides meet export need of packaging.
3, combined with the case, the seller at the time of delivery to cable packaging notsuitable for export transport to refuse delivery and payment, does not say that isnot in conformity with the contract, therefore, has no provisions relating to the packaging of goods in the contract, in accordance with established practice, to excusethe buyer refused payment and the delivery reason is inadequate.


Case two:
I company under conditions for imports of FAS timber, upon completion of the shipment, seller's request for payment outside the car, and when loading the barge fee to pay, asking us how we should deal with the seller?
Jia Qingkun lawyers resolve:
1, we request for the seller to pay for the barge shipment fee can refuse.
2, and according to 2000 General of explained, used FAS terms sold Shi, buyers and sellers bear of risk and costs are to ship side for territories, that buyer by assigned of ship of ship side, in buyer by sent vessels cannot dock of situation Xia, seller should is responsible for with barge batch goods shipped to ship side, barge costs is in risk costs transfer yiqian occurred of, ought to by seller bear.
3, therefore, in this case, the seller requires us barge costs abroad is unreasonable, we reserve the right to refuse.


Case three:
Our company under the FCA conditions for imports of chemical raw materials, transportation matters stipulated in the contract by the seller. Results in the ship at theend of foreign sellers advise, unable to rent a boat, is unable to deliver. So I paid100,000 yuan of liquidated damages to the domestic manufacturers, q: my company 100,000 yuan of losses, will the seller claims abroad?
Jia Qingkun lawyers resolve:
1, 100,000 yuan to postpone the delivery of our payments, cannot claim to foreigncompanies, should be borne by themselves.
Case 2, the FCA term issues are involved, the buyer is responsible for establishingthe contract of carriage, designated carrier to the shipping pointreceiving, the buyer may entrust the seller agent transport matters, but the risk of this activity and the costs are borne by the buyer.
3, combining the cases, FCA term my company will be responsible for booking, but under the responsibility of my company at own risk transport agent by the seller,seller to rent the boat, failed to book the cabin risks shall be borne by the company, liquidated damages to the domestic enterprises as a result of losses shall be borne by the company.
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