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EXW Incoterms problems
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EXW is not the commonly used terms in international trade, but because of the terms, the lowest price, and the buyer has a certain appeal. When this term was usedin a business, be aware of the following issues:
(A) on the issue of the handing over of the goods
Buyer and seller at the time of contracting, generally provide for the time and place of delivery. In order to do the handing over of the goods, the seller after the goods are ready, goods should be the specific time and place at the buyer's disposal problems, give notice to the buyer. If both parties agree, the buyer has the right to determine in a stipulated time and/or places when you take delivery of the goods, the buyer shall promptly notify seller, so as not to delay in delivery or other errors. If the buyer fails to take delivery of the goods within the prescribed time, place,or when he is entitled to determine the time and place of taking delivery, failing totimely and proper notice, then, as long as the goods are specific to the goods under the contract, the buyer will have to bear the cost and risk.
(Ii) on the packaging and shipment of the goods issue
As the buyer, when signing up on the transport situation and put forward specific requirements for packing and packaging costs provision, in order to avoid controversy. On goods of shipment problem, by General of explained, by buyer owned transport tool to delivery locations received shipped goods, general situation Xia, seller not bear will goods loaded Shang transport tool of responsibility and the costs, but if both agreed, by seller is responsible for will goods loaded Shang buyer arrangements of transport tool and bear related of costs, is should in signed Shi on above problem made clear provides.
(C) on the question of export formalities
In the ex-factory condition, the responsibility on the buyer of the goods for export,although sometimes may request the seller's agent, but the goods are prohibited from export risk is borne by the buyer. Therefore, prior to the transaction, the buyer should understand the relevant regulations of the Government of the exportingcountry, such as whether to allow non-resident agencies in the country Parties in the country for export clearance. When the buyer can't do it while going through departure clearance of the goodsdirectly or indirectly, you should not use this termdeals. In this case, in accordance with the General rules of the 2010 interpretation,the best use of FCA term.
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