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Terms of trade terms analysis
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Terms of trade terms analysis
(A) ex works (EXW)
The term in English for "EX Works (... named place)", that is "ex works (... ... Designated place) ". It means the seller has in their home workshop, factory, warehouse of ready goods, such as responsibility for delivery of the goods to the buyer, but usually is not responsible for loading the goods on the buyer ready vehicles or goods for customs clearance. Location of the buyer from the seller the goods to the intended destination of all the costs and risks.
(B) the cargo carrier (FCA)
The term in English for "Free Carrier (... named place)", or "deliver the goods to the carrier (... ... Designated place) ". It means that the seller shall be responsible forthe transfer of goods, handling after the exit, delivered to buyer's designated carrier at designated sites into care. According to commercial practice, when sellers are asked to collaborate through a contract with the carrier, at the buyer's risk and cost of the case, the seller may proceed accordingly. This term applies to any mode of transport.
(C) FAS-free alongside ship (FAS)
The term in English for "Free Alongside ship (... named port of shipment)" or "FAS-free alongside ship (... ... Named port of shipment) ". It refers to the seller at the named port of shipment terminals or barge to ship goods to, then the buyer has tobear the loss or damage of all costs and risks, the buyer must apply for export clearance. This term can be used for sea or inland waterway transport.
(D) on Board (FOB)
The term in English is "FreeonBoard(...namedportofshipment)", that is "delivered ex ship (... ... Named port of shipment) ". It means that the seller delivers goods across the ship's rail at the named port of shipment after delivery, after a cargo ship ofthe goods the buyer has to bear all the costs, risks, lossor damage, requires theseller to clear the goods for export clearance. This term can be used for sea or inland waterway transport.
(E) cost and freight (CFR or c&F), the term in English for "Cost and Freight (named port of shipment)", the "cost and freight (... ... Named port of destination) ". It means that the seller must pay the required the goods to the named port of destination costs and shipping costs, but when the goods are delivered to the boat deck, the risk to or loss of goods or damage, as well as additional expenses after the accident, after the goods pass the specified port and the boat, turned to the buyer bythe seller. requires the seller to clear the goods for export clearance. This term can be used for sea or inland waterway transport.
(Vi) cost, insurance and freight (CIF)
The term in English for "Cost, Insurance and Freight (... named port of shipment)", the "cost, insurance and freight (... ... Named port of destination) ". It means the seller in addition to stemming from the "cost and freight" terminology the same obligations, the seller must apply for goods in transit shall be borne by the buyer bought goods lost or damaged marine insurance and pays the insurance premium. Thisterm can be used for sea or inland waterway transport.
(VII) carriage paid to (CPT)
The term in English for "Carriage Paid to (... named place of destination)", or "carriage paid to (... ... Named place of destination) ". This term means the seller pays the freight of the goods to the named place of destination. For loss of or damageto the goods the risk occurred and when the goods are delivered to the carrier any additional costs resulting from the event, since the goods had been delivered tothe carrier when the care and transferred to the buyer from the seller. In addition,the seller must clear the goods for export clearance. This term applies to all modes of transport, including multimodal transport.
(H) the carriage and insurance paid to (CIP)
The term in English is "CarriageandInsurancePaidto(...namedplaceofdestination)", that is "carriage and insurance paid to (... ... Named place of destination). "It means the seller in addition to bears and" carriage paid to (... ... Named place of destination) "terms the same obligations, the seller must apply for goods in transit shall beborne by the buyer's loss or risk of damage insurance and pays the insurance premium. This term applies to any mode of transport.
(I) delivered at frontier (DAF)
This term in English for "Delivered at Frontier (... named place)", or "delivered at frontier (... ... Designated place) ". It refers to the obligation for the seller, will be ready for goods to the designated area on the border, goods for export clearance, adjacent to the national customs border before delivery, this term is mainly used inthe transportation of goods by rail or road, could also be used in other modes oftransport.
(10) FOB destination (DES)
English this term "Delivered Ex Ship (... named port of destination)", or "FOB destination (... ... Named port of destination) ". It refers to the performance by the sellerof the obligation, of goods available, at the named port of destination not on thedeck of the ship under the procedures of customs clearance of the import of the goods, the buyer, the seller shall be assumed to include all of the goods to the named port of destination costs and risk. This term can be used only for sea or inland waterway transport.
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