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Multinational Forex money management (for trial implementati
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Chapter I General provisions


First to promote trade and investment facilitation, services to the real economy, this provision is enacted.
Article needs based on transnational corporations, in the seat of Bank Foreign Exchange Fund account domestic, centralized operation management of member companies in foreign exchange funds. And can handle foreign exchange under current funding the central collection and payment, netting netting, and other services.
Article needs based on transnational corporations, Bank international fundswherethe main accounts, foreign member of the centralized management funds and debt funds borrowed from other foreign institutions.
International foreign exchange master account as well as with foreign institutions foreign funds of the foreign currency accounts, the freedom of movement in the territory. International foreign exchange master account funding does not take the corporate external debt indicators, but should be required to apply for registrationof foreign debts.
Domestic banks by international foreign exchange master of deposit can be in does not exceed 10% within the limits of territory use; on the premise of take up short-term debt indicators, international Forex account deposit can be more than 10%in part of the territory of use.
Article fourth domestic foreign exchange accounts NET integration with international Foreign Exchange Fund account shall not exceed the amount member businesses in the territory's external debt quota shall not exceed net thaw out member businesses in the territory's foreign loan limit.
Article fifth multinational companies based on business needs, while opening an account of domestic and international foreign exchange master, or you can choose to open an account of any of them.
While open State domestic, and international exchange funds main account of, external debt, and foreign lending thaw access funds should through international exchange funds main account handle; only open State domestic Exchange funds main account of, external debt, and foreign lending thaw access funds can in fourth article provides lines within by outside directly into access domestic Exchange funds main account; only open State international exchange funds main account of, external debt, and foreign lending through the account handle.
Multinational corporations, banks should do a line control, ensuring that any pointin external debt, foreign lenders into and out of funds does not exceed the prescribed amount.
Article sixth Bank should perform foreign exchange regulations for almost three years the annual assessment b class and above the Bank. Hosted Enterprise in principle choose not to Exchange settlement and sales operations in more than 3 qualified banks for funds management business bank, the depositary bank in accordance with this provision to operate and manage the related account transactions.
After the Bank handling the funds management business assessment grades as b(not included), you can continue to operate the existing business.


Chapter II business records


Article seventh for your multinational corporation, may according to need to opendomestic and international Foreign Exchange Fund account:
(A) have real business needs;
(B) has the perfect Forex money management structure and internal control system;
(C) the establishment of appropriate internal management systems;
(D) scale of foreign exchange receipts and payments of more than $100 million of the previous year (participation in foreign exchange capital centralized management of member companies in the consolidation);
(V) nearly three years without major foreign exchange violations (established less than three years of business since its founding without major violations of foreign exchange). Trade foreign exchange business directory companies, trade in goods classification for category a;
(Vi) other prudential requirements stipulated by safe.
Article eighth hosted Enterprise open domestic and international foreign exchangemaster account to the local foreign branches and Foreign Exchange ManagementDepartment (hereinafter branches) record, and submit the following materials:
(A) the request for recordal. Basic information including transnational corporations, business needs by hosting enterprise's basic situation, list of participating companies, ownership structure of transnational corporations on host Enterprise authorization, and so on. Select current account Exchange Fund receipt and payment, netting netting operations, still need to list involved in the list of members of the domestic and foreign enterprises, including name, organization code, registration, etc.
(B) the relevant supporting documents. Include stamped hosting hosting membersof the territory of the enterprise and the business license of the enterprise financial business licences and their scope of operation approval documents (financial company); foreign member companies provide a registration certificate.
(Three) enterprise and account Bank joint developed of business mode, and operation process, and internal control system, and organization schema, and system construction, and risk control measures, and data monitoring way and technology service guarantees programme,; by signed of multinational exchange funds concentrated operation management business handle confirmed book (see attached 1); select 2 home above (containing) account Bank of, should clear external debt, and foreign lending concentrated lines in the home account Bank of specific distribution.
(Iv) foreign exchange other materials sought by the Council.
Nineth hosted enterprise applications focused on debt limit for the first time shallsubmit the following materials:
(A) the application should list member companies participating in the debt limit setname, organization code, registered, each member companyexternal debt quota,registered debt contracted amount and the amount of external debt amount, concentration.
(B) concerned members or part of external debt limit capital projects information system of external debt service in the query can still borrow amounts, signed registration list of external debt and external debt business line print interface query listinformation.
Specific sensitive sectors shall not participate and share aggregate external debt quota.
Article tenth foreign exchange Bureau in hosting companies to submit complete application materials should be completed within 20 working days from the date of filing procedures and issue a notice of filing. Filing notices should include external debt, foreign lenders funded financial access lines.
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