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Prohibition of introduction of provisions on the administrat
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Commodity is import and export trade in the of core elements, different period, business different commodity of trade will has different of market, will faced different of market risk, commodity select of success or not directly related import and export trade businessman of returns, and Dang businessman for profit and may and national macroeconomic interests and social public occurred conflict Shi, on import and export commodity (that import and export goods) of control on became national foreign trade control of main content. In order to standardize the import and export of goods management, maintaining the order of import and export of goods, and promote the healthy development of foreign trade, in 2001, specially formulated regulations on the management of the import and export of goods, the import and export of goods are divided into different levels of management.(A) the principle of the prohibition of import and export goodsProhibited for import and export is the country-specific products for different policy needs no units and individuals engaged in the acts of the entry and exit of goods. According to the 2004 newly revised foreign trade law rules of the 16th, belongs to one of the following goods of the State prohibits the import or export:① for maintenance national security, and social public interests or public moral, need ban imports or export of; II for protection people of health or security, protection animal, and plant of life or health, protection environment, need ban imports or export of; ③ for implementation and gold or silver import and export about of measures, need ban imports or export of; 5 domestic supply shortage or for effective protection may with exhaust of natural resources, ban export of; ⑤ according to people's Republic of China by concluded or participate in of international treaty, and The provisions of the agreement, necessary to ban the import or export.(B) the scope of the prohibition of import and export goods1, ban the import of goods:At present, China has issued a total of five of the banned list of imported goods, including degumming and no degumming of tiger bone (unworked, defatted, simply), rhinoceros horn, juices and extracts of opium (also called opioid), the used mechanical and electrical products, solid waste products, waste products, waste electrical products products.2, the prohibition of export of goods:At present, China has issued two batches of the ban on the export of the list of goods, mainly is to protect our natural resources and to maintain the ecological balance of our country.

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