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Jia Qingkun lawyer
Practice number: 11301200110241034
Unit: Hebei Joyful Prospects Law Firm
Hin: foreign-related legal services
Working languages: Chinese, English.
Graduated from Jilin university, the economic law. Since 1996 engaged in legal work.
Professional show excellence, integrity career achievement. After the early practice of extensive investigations, Jia Qingkun lawyers decided following the path of specialization, put their time, energy, a point, to form the professional advantages. Jia Qingkun lawyers choose according to their strengths and interests, the foreign-related legal services in the professional direction. And international trade, foreign land, foreign construction three aspects as the key. Soon Jia Qingkun lawyers get breakthrough development, ushered in a another customer. Jia Qingkun lawyer to deal with a lot of this aspect of the case, the accumulated working experience, made a result, formed the advantage, well received by the parties.
Jia Qingkun lawyers working in the process of intensive cultivation, the trial lawyer's presence. Jia lawyer's article in the people's FaYuanBao, yanzhao evening news, hebei science and technology news, hebei farmers newspaper, family encyclopedia to published in the newspaper. Jia Qingkun law has repeatedly invited to the hebei TV lounge columns. Jia Qingkun lawyer and his team in 2006 and founded the international trade law net, China land law net, net Chinese construction law. The certain popularity in the industry.
For business needs, please fill out the online Q & A information and contact us, you can also send a letter to the following address, contact us and we will reply to you within one business day.
Address: shijiazhuang friendship north street 345, cofco plaza, room 907, south tower in hebei (hebei news bureau, hebei youth newspaper right)
Unit: Hebei Joyful Prospects Law Firm
Phone: 0086-13315171023
Email: tradelawchina@hotmail.com
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