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Overseas Investment
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  With the continuing growth of the Chinese economy and the emergence of Chinese multinational companies, there has been a surge in outbound investment projects by Chinese companies in numerous industries in recent years.  Just as Lawyer  Jia qing kun  has played a key role in advising multinational companies investing in China, we are now the choice advisor for Chinese clients as they expand their business activities to overseas markets.


To meet the expanding scope of standards and needs required by our Chinese clients, we have established the Overseas Investment Group, comprised of teams with expertise in specific areas (North America, South America, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East). The primary task of these teams is to work closely with local counsels in such diverse areas of law as foreign investment, tax, labor, Real Estate, environment, and competition to facilitate investments by Chinese companies, whether through establishing a new presence, entering into a joint venture, or acquiring ownership of a local entity.


We have experience in providing services in:


Due diligence investigations on the legal environment of target investment regions 
Legal consultation on laws and regulations of target investment regions 
Due diligence investigations into target companies 
Negotiation and documentation drafting 
Legal consultations and services on relevant national policies, industry policies, state-owned property and foreign currency issues 
Coordination and recommendation of attorneys, accountants, consulting companies and intermediaries 
Delivery and integration 
Conflict of laws analysis and drafting of solution proposals

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